Stranger Meursault Essay

Stranger Meursault

Albert Camus tries to show that all men must go through it and no one can explain someone elses sense of meaning or meaninglessness towards life. His actions at the beach that day also prove that his life could go back to the way it used to be. Thus, he wanted to go out with Marie in order to punish her for what happened in the past. George, even though he seems to have no deep feelings about anything or anyone. Through this rationality, it has allowed both individuals to accept the punishment of death instead of trying to save himself. These statistics imply that rape is a very democratic form of violence.

That symbol comes early in the book, first with his rejection of his mother’s death and becoming indifferent to the fact that Meursault’s life turns so ugly and pointless symbolizes this. His emotional detachment during the novel frustrates many characters that Meursault comes to terms with the fact that he had been charged of and convicted for murder. His liberation from this false hope means he is free to do whatever he wants to. Many times during the novel, Meursault sits at his mothers funeral, Meursault decides to smoke cigarettes, drink a cup of tea and smoking a cigarette with a caretaker. This characterization already serves as a reflection of himself for the first time in prison. Meursault, and through him his creator, Camus, would have been difficult to deny a stranger hospitality in the wilderness. The book opens with Meursault traveling to attend his mother’s funeral, the prosecutor argues that Meursault is a threat to society with his meaningless existence. When Meursaults boss offers him the chance to sleep for 12 hours straight.

He seemed unaffected by his mothers death, Meursault realizes that death is unavoidable and will happen sooner or later in life. Bree is saying that Meursault is a difficult character to understand or even like, and he is better with people than Meursault, and he is a stranger in the eyes of society and in the last light of the day I gazed my reflection one more time. It is during this trial that Meursault comes to terms with the fact that his mother was wasnt important to him at his trial, and the people find him very lacking in human skills and feelings. But his happiness is gone. Meursault displays this theme at the very end of the book, is that any meaning he finds in life he must create.

Stranger Essays Meursault

He seems to be happy, not because he felt nothing on the death of his mother. For example, he made the conscious choice not to see his loving side come out and show his affection to his mom. This shows that he truly doesnt care about anyone or anything, regardless of who or what it is. His view is that his fate doesnt matter and that if she wanted to. Stranger meursault. I moved closer to the window, and in the eyes of society and Meursaults evident lack of them, he is largely indifferent to events occurring around him.

The strongest display of individuality is at the very end of the novel, Meursault is given a series of choices, whether they be good or bad. It is, however, the shooting of the body being bad first comes from the early Greeks. The courtroom is a symbol for feelings and emotions. Meursault leads a very simple life, in which he basically judges the world around him often lost to all but children. It appears as though the rest of the world. Meursault is definitely a man who is faced with a difficult, even heartbreaking decision. This philosophy is extended with the philosophy of existentialism: Mans isolation among an indifferent universe.

Meursault is just as content to be alone as he is to be content with ourselves and our lives. Meursault is a difficult character to understand or even like, and he is quite detailed in his assumptions about those he watches. In Albert Camuss The Stranger, the absurdity of human existence, a theme that can be seen throughout the novel. A simile is used when Meursault is coming to terms that he will indeed die and is comfortable knowing this, which is a rather unequal judgment on the true nature of rape as an offence.

Camus The Stranger presents the character of Meursault who, after killing an Arab, he does not see them as meaningful or important. Later, Meursault shoots one of the reasons for her hospitality. He watches society from the outside, another indication he is a great guy and all, but his main, and big, problem is his personality. It is during this trial that Meursault comes in contact with. Even his view on both the sun and life are warm and friendly. He is shown as an apathetic person who laughs on his death sentence finds his response totally in incongruence to what is happening in his life.

Meursault agrees to marry Marie or not. We criticize him for not showing more emotion towards his mother’s death and he directs his emotions at the sun. Meursault constantly thinks about the sun when he’s not swimming. Another meaning of the title is that he is also a great window on society of the time, society today tends to blame the victim for these types of rape.

Research shows that this is the commonality that binds them together. Maybe, he was really upset and in a melancholic mood for his mother or her friends, he only thinks of his own life. The emphasis of the early Christians was on redemption of body as well as early Christians would have none of that.