The first week you need to post an introduction and also post to an additional topic.Many weeks there is more than one topic listed. You only need to do one.  Please also reply to at least one other student’s post on the topic as well.You posts need to be at least 150 words and on topic. I do a word count on the post in addition to reading your post for relevance.There are 8 weeks of topics, so 1200 words, and 1-3 sentences for each classmate response
The first week you need to post an introduction and also post to an additional topic. Many weeks there is more than one topic listed. You only need to do one. Please also reply to at least one other
Week 1 Discussion Use this link to discover Marketing 3.0 that was developed by the “father” of the field.  What is it? How has marketing developed? What should the goal of successful marketing be?  Finally, how does this relate to advertising? Link: Classmate response Marketing used to be oriented around dollar signs and profit margins. Through much evolution, marketing is finally centered around the needs of the consumer.  And not just the physical tangible needs, but the spiritual, mental, and emotional needs.  Successful value propositions offer more than a product. Many of the successful advertisers of today have ads centered around the human experience. Week 2 Go to the following website and read the section about brands. What is the importance of branding?  How is branding achieved? Classmate response If there is one thing you want to get right for your business it is branding.  It is so important because everyone looks for the best branding.  Branding is where you differentiate your business from other businesses.  Examples of brandings are logos, jingles, mascots, and slogans.  The best logos, slogans, and jingles always bring the most attention to your business.  Have you ever caught yourself singing the Home Depot jingle or another jingle?  Everyone can sing the McDonalds jingle, knows the Nike slogan, and knows what Target’s logo is.  If it is catchy then it will stick with you for longer and will have you thinking about it more.  The more you think about it then you will be more likely to consider buying from that company.  This can also make advertising better.  It is easier to advertise if you have better branding.  You can rely on your slogan more or your jingle more.   Week 3 Choose one of the videos.  Explain why you liked it and why you think it is clever.  Finally, answer the question: what is an integrated advertising campaign? Classmate response Choose one of the videos.  Explain why you liked it and why you think it is clever.  Finally, answer the question: what is an integrated advertising campaign? I chose the M&M’s-Find Red video because I liked the clever ideal how they did the digital treasure hunt where they asked the Canadians to find the red m&m’s so they would have a chance to win a red smart car. The way they originated this finding was through a YouTube video and players actually took on the challenge. I liked how they also had it set up where they gave the players clues because of Torrento being so big and without the clues they may have never found the red m&m. I found it real clever they gave them clues on the website on twitter and Facebook two of the main popular media sites to gain their players. They also had a word translator on the site for those who needed it. I really love how they had it so how you could scan the bar code on wall papers they had hanging throughout the city of Torrento so it would give you a clue and also on the back of an M&M pack they had it where you could scan the bar code on the back of the pack, and it would also give you a clue. Integrated advertising campaign is a cross-channel marketing strategy that involves creating consistent campaigns across different platforms to provide a cohesive experience to the customer.  Week 4 Why do you think this was considered an award winning campaign?  What are the key elements? Do you think Nike increased sales?  Explain. Classmate Response I think this was considered an award-winning campaign because the empowerment it brings against the women. It started off as an incredible choice for serious runners. So, they used that and gathered women from all over to run together because there were true power in numbers with them running together. It was an inspiration to others and made them more powerful and stronger as a whole. They used it to create unite a community of female runners at first and named them She Runs with the Nike logo. It Empowered them to redefine their sport and change the way they train forever. They started off their communication through social media with a rally Christ of change. They all agreed they needed to tackle the biggest barrier of them all women running in the dark. They began by recruiting women who already loved running in the dark and they received hundreds of responses. The more of them that ran the brighter they can burn. Then they challenged the community that they would hold a 13k night race for women runners. This alone this big empowerment and movement should definitely be considered an award-winning campaign. The key element is She run with a community of women who gathered together to run as a whole and motivate others to join as well. Nike definitely increased sales. Nike was and is still popular in the world today. You have male and female that wear Nike from head to toe still today. Week 5 Watch the video to explain the importance of social media in advertising. How do you think you can incorporate social media into your advertising campaign for your project?  Share some idea Classmate response Social media is important because it allows marketers to connect and engage potential customers on various apps. Social Media is better than traditional advertising because it can be a cheaper way to promote your business or product and you can see who views your business info and products. The business and retail world are changing rapidly, and it is important that businesses stay on top of current marketing trends such as social media. Traditional forms of marketing don’t work as well as they used to. One of the main reasons social media marketing is so effective is that brands can hyper-target ideal clients based on exact demographics. Showing ads to the right individuals is a critical part of the marketing process and must be taken seriously to avoid wasted ad spending. Building both a social media audience and a landing page is important to creating consistent and future success from your marketing efforts by leveraging data. Also, another importance of social media is the ability to directly track your return on investments from your marketing campaigns. For example, on Facebook, this information is built directly into its Ads Manager platform, making it possible to view your budget’s performance and analyze the return on your ad spending. I can incorporate social media into my advertising campaign for my project by promoting my ad campaign on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and even on TikTok. Also, I could record my family and friends using my product for my ad campaign and post the video on all of my social media platforms as well as on YouTube. I would also have my friends and family leave me reviews on my website page about my product. Week 6 Watch this video and answer this question: how can you use Instagram for advertising?  How could you use this for your project?  Give examples. I strongly suggest you use this video for your weekly discussions.  It will be helpful for your project. Classmate response All social media accounts can help anyone advertise their business or product. Instagram specifically is a great way to reach other people and share your product. For example, you can create an account on Instagram that has a specific topic you post about like weekly exercises and so on. Posting a picture or a short video once a day about your specific product that your trying to promote can help you grow your audience and eventually your business. Another way that Instagram can help with advertising is it gives the business a chance to reach knew possible consumers. For example, lets say that I post on my account about the product I’m selling and someone tags their friend in the post. That opens a door for me to potentially gain a new client. Now imagine the audience you could build if you had 8 Instagram accounts. This information will help you with your project by giving you the knowledge of how Instagram can be used as a promotional tool when creating your promotional campaign. For example, you create your big idea but you have no idea how to reach your specific audience. Instagram can be that gate way that allows you the chance to gain potential consumers. Week 7 What is Pinterest and how can it be used as part of an advertising campaign?  Can you provide some examples? Summarize the key points in the video. Classmate response What is Pinterest and how can it be used as part of an advertising campaign?  Can you provide some examples? Summarize the key points in the video. Pinterest is a social media site where you and others can collect and share images of anything you find interesting. Using Pinterest allows you to visually discover new interests by browsing the collections of other users who are on Pinterest. If you’re interested in a subject, such as cooking or decorating, find images you like on Pinterest or on the web, and then save those images to your Pinterest bulletin board. Create multiple bulletin boards to catalog your interests. Pinterest is a place where people post their ideas for others to see for easier or less expensive crafting projects. You use Pinterest to market your business. I would take the flyer and add it to Pinterest and add a link to give contributions. Pinterest allows you to promote and advertise your business in a more professional and business-oriented way. Week 8 Watch this video to see how Facebook is used as an advertising tool.  What are the key points? How can Facebook be used for an advertising campaign? Follow the link. Classmate response Facebook allows for marketers to reach out and create content that may be helpful for their viewers. Facebook allows for marketers to connect with potential consumers. Their are approximately 550 million users on Facebook and out of that 550 million users 50 percent of them are active users. Facebook can be used as an advertising tool because users can create an ad on Facebook much cheaper than for them to create a television ad or a radio ad. This allows for Facebook users to promote their business or product in a way that is affordable and, at the same time, allows them to reach a bigger audience. One key point is that Facebook allows its users to set  an ad budget for their ads. The cost for an ad on Facebook depends on the cost per click. What this means is that you as the marketer will pay for each click your ads receives. How can Facebook be used as an advertising campaign? To some it up a user on Facebook can create an ad to promote their product and or business. This allows for a marketer to communicate to potential consumers and to do it at a much cheaper price.

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