I need a Peer Review done on a rough draft of an essay. Attached is the Peer Review template. Use this template to provide constructive criticism. Simply fill in the areas where it states “Click Here To Enter Text.”Thank you!1
Illegal Immigration
ENG 101 – Comp I
Illegal Immigration
Legal immigration is essential to the economy of the United States. Most importantly,
legal immigration creates diversity and unity, something America stands for. However,
according to Markon (2016), as of January 2016, there are currently 10.9 million undocumented
immigrants residing in the United States. After just a short period of time in the United States,
illegal immigrants are subject to rights and benefits that contribute to approximately one third of
the fiscal deficit. Illegal immigration continues to have a negative impact on the United States’
In 1982, the Supreme Court made the decision that all undocumented children have the
right to the U.S. public school systems. There are 1.1 million children who are undocumented
living in the U.S. Parents have the right to enroll their children in the public school system
without any documentation, including a social security number. If no social security is given, the
school will assign the children a “school identification number”. The parents of the
undocumented children may also apply for the free school breakfast and lunch program without
providing a social security number (OSPI, 2015).
In order to educate the children, additional bilingual teachers need to be hired.
“According to one report in 2006, it costs at least 30 percent more to teach a non-English
speaking student than it does to educate the average English-speaking student” (Springer, 2014).
Springer (2014), also states that in 2014, it cost the U.S. approximately $760 million to educate
the undocumented children. This costs comes from you, the taxpayer. Understandably, education
is very important, but the school systems for Americans and legal documented children is
already on a tight budget.
Illegal immigrants are also entitled to medical services. “In 2002, Southwest U.S.
hospitals lost $190 million in costs to treat illegal aliens” (Green & Martin, 2004). By law, the
U.S. cannot turn away emergency care no matter their legal status. The money to treat illegal
immigrants is supposed to be refunded by the government. Many hospitals and emergency rooms
have closed, because they have not been refunded in years. I read a story about a young lady who
had given birth to her child prematurely in the state of California. The child was in neonatal
intensive care unit for a lengthy time resulting in $300,000. The baby later had developed
asthma, and the mother was now entitled to $600 per month in public welfare (Brown, 2013).
Unauthorized workers in the U.S. are taking job opportunities from authorized workers.
Immigrants who previously had a temporary visa, continued to stay after its expiration. They
now have a higher education, which allows them to work in office and technical jobs. Many
people think that unauthorized workers only work blue collar positions. However, “the share of
all unauthorized workers with management and professional jobs grew to 13 percent in 2012
from 10 percent in 2007” (Silvia, 2015). According to the Federation for American Immigration
Reform (2013), In 2013, an estimated 71.4 percent of illegal immigrants were employed. This
number comes to approximately 8.5 million jobs.
A study from the Heritage Foundation shows that illegal immigrants receive roughly $9.4
trillion in government benefits, pay a little over $3 trillion in taxes, leaving a financial deficit of
$6.3 trillion. Immigrants are a key factor to the future success of the United States. Coming to
the U.S. as documented immigrants, and not putting additional pressure on our taxpayers will be
beneficial for everyone. The United States cannot continue to support the illegal actions of our
borders with financial benefits putting further strain on the American economy.
Brown, L. W. (2013). The effects of illegal immigration on organizational efficiency and
effectiveness: A united states analysis. International Journal of Management, 30(2), 421433. Retrieved from
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from http://www.fairus.org/issue/illegal-aliens-taking-u-s-jobs
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decade-long decline, report says. Retrieved from
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estimated at over $760M. Retrieved from
ENG 101 – Peer Review Template
Week 6 Discussion: Peer Review
Use this template to provide constructive criticism to at least one peer in your class who has not received
feedback. Thank you!

What did the writer do well in the essay? Please be specific.
Click here to enter text.

How does the writer indicate that it will be a personal essay? Is there a clear thesis? Describe
how features of the essay and thesis work and/or need work.
Click here to enter text.

Do all major points relate back to the thesis statement? In short, does the writer seem to go
off topic in places? If so, how? (In other words, is the paper unified and are all points
related?) If not, suggest ways to correct.
Click here to enter text.

List the use of transition words and phrases that show chronology or shifts in topic. Are
additional transitions needed? If so, where?
Click here to enter text.

Indicate where the writer uses features like concrete language, tone, or abstract language
Click here to enter text.

Does the writer provide enough description, dialogue or narration so that you can
easily infer the thesis or controlling idea for the essay? Where might the writer include more
dialogue, narration, or description?
Click here to enter text.

Suggest at least one item the writer might add to this essay.
Click here to enter text.

Suggest at least one item the writer might remove from this essay.
Click here to enter text.

Is the concluding paragraph effective? If so, why? If it is not effective, what can be done?
Click here to enter text.
After completing this template, copy and paste your responses to the discussion board. Your response
should be posted as a reply to the original thread for the essay that you reviewed.

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