I have a 2,000 word essay that I need to get done by the 23rd. But I need a rough draft that does not need to be 2,000 words by tonight. I have all the instructions and and outlines for what needs to be done. One paragraph is written and I titled it Essay 3 Multiple Sources Paragraph. The Outline has all the quotes that need to be used and who said them. I also attached an annotated bibliography which you can use for the works cited, it has all the works cited on there.Mahdi Pournazari

Henry, Jessica S. “Police Brutality.” Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Social Issues, edited by Michael Shally-Jensen, vol. 2: Criminal Justice, ABC-CLIO, 2011, pp. 586-592. Gale eBooks. Accessed 14 Nov. 2020.

Jessica Henry is a professor in the Department of Justice Studies at Montclair State University, and she served as a public defender for about a decade. Her goal in her book is to teach about social injustices and to teach law. She uses past experiences and history to inform society of police brutality towards the Black community. Henry claims that the continuous acts of police brutality is what causes riots and much of the hate between the Black community and the Police.

“Los Angeles 1992 Riots.” Government, Politics, and Protest: Essential Primary Sources, edited by K. Lee Lerner, et al., Gale, 2006, pp. 103-107. Gale eBooks. Accessed 14 Nov. 2020.

The author, Alistair Cooke, was a very well-known American writer and journalist. Cooke documented much of the 1992 Los Angeles riots and discusses all the events that led up to the riots and the significance of the riots. Cooke explains that because of the riots, racial discrimination has been highlighted in the United States. His purpose and audience are people who aren’t informed of all the racial discrimination which leads to police brutality. This source is a key source for my essay because it has crucial information for my paragraph about police brutality and reasons why people riot.

Harris, Lasana, and Daniel Cossins. “The Roots of Racism.” New Scientist, vol. 247, no. 3297, Aug. 2020, pp. 43–45.

EBSCOhost. Accessed 14 Nov. 2020.

Lasana Harris and Daniel Cossins both study the sciences behind racism and where it comes from and how we can end it. Their social experiments and studies can be a key part as my essay as they agree a very effective way to solve racism is love. They also discuss racism as a whole and have very good statistics and interesting facts. Cossins and Harris’s studies have been proven and have very similar information as my other sources.

VERBRUGGEN, ROBERT. “The Path to Better Policing.” National Review, vol. 72, no. 12, July 2020, pp. 15–17. EBSCOhost. Accessed 14 Nov. 2020.

This article was written very recently and this suggests that racism has not improved and still exists today. Verbruggen article was written after George Floyd’s death and all the Los Angeles riots and he argues different ways of policing. He states that the Police Department needs a change. More consequences and better training. Although, Verbruggen does know the importance of police in our communities, he knows that there needs to be change. This information will fit right into my police paragraph.

Glaude, Eddie S., Jr. “We Cannot Wait for White America to End Racism.” TIME Magazine, vol. 195, no. 22, June 2020, pp. 24–25. EBSCOhost. Accessed 14 Nov. 2020.

Glaude teaches African American Studies at Princeton University and is also a well-The Writing Process: These are the steps I require for the research paper. The research strategies are worth points toward your research paper grade, and there are some required Zoom dates which I have put in bold. If you miss a step, don’t dismiss it. You must turn in every step, even if it’s late—you just lose points. This is not the time to fall behind! Late work must be completed by the next class session. If you get further behind than that, the research paper will be ineligible for submission. To reiterate, I will not accept an essay if I have not seen the COMPLETE process work along the way.


Due:    Oct 27/28         Rough draft outline (MLA format)                                                                                            
Due:    Nov 12            Revised outline                                                                                                                            
Due:     Nov 18/19       Rough Draft Due with Works Cited Page                                        
Due:     Nov 25        Final Draft Due  (2,000 word minimum without the W.C.)                                         



We have been exploring the Los Angeles riots through both the written and video production of Twilight Los Angeles: 1992. For the essay, you will select a topic explored by Anna Deavere Smith and develop your discussion with further research.


Topic Ideas:

· Many of the voices here explore the issue of racial tension in the United States, including how pervasive white privilege is in our society. Has reading this text given you a new awareness of white privilege? White privilege might be a part of a discussion about use of force or the American Dream, or it may be the center of another topic, like whether awareness can help bring about change.
· We have heard “No Justice, No Peace” throughout this work, and Maxine Waters says that the riots were “the voice of the unheard.” Is violence a justified means of coping with police oppression? Smith explores the issue of use of force from both the police and the civilian angles. Does use force remain a topic of concern in our society today?
· Civil rights contribute to the American Dream, to the idea of being able to succeed in the United States. Are civil rights available to all, equally? In other words, is the American Dream achievable today?
· We have heard that the media contributes to the perception of black men posing a threat. Twenty-five years later, does the media do a better job of portraying all races fairly? Does the media have an effect on other populations? I wonder about the polarization West talks about. Is there too much of a split in liberal/conservative news sources to inspire dialogue?
· Jessye Norman makes me think of theMahdi Pournazari

Thesis: All throughout history we’ve seen African Americans being oppressed by police, and although I understand why the African American Community riots, but violence is never the answer.
I. Countless people try to defend the police by saying they’re just doing their jobs, but don’t realize that what they’re doing is police brutality.
a. Rudy Salas “They locked the door behind me and there were four guys, four cops there kicking me in the head” (Smith 3)
b. “The George Floyd killing was not the first case of police misconduct to lead to social unrest, and if the nation’s most fragile communities don’t feel confident in their police forces, it won’t be the last.” Verbruggen
c. “Historically, police brutality and discrimination against minorities has often caused riots in the United States.” (Alistair Cooke 103)
d. “Many of the worst riots or rebellions in the 20th century stemmed from allegations of police brutality. The damage from the riots in terms of loss of life and property destruction was massive…” (Jessica S. Henry 589)
II.  Police have used fear to enforce their oppression.
a. “Police jump out, guns, pull him out of the car, throw him to the floor, put a handcuff on him behind his back. All while pointing a gun at him” (Smith 215)
b. “Bracketing the tear gas and rubber bullets, the way the police have behaved toward the protesters reminds me of how they police Black communities” (Glaude)
c. “In interrogating suspects, the police would routinely beat suspects with fists, blackjacks, and rubber hoses to extract information” (Jessica S. Henry 587)
III. African Americans want to solve this issue with anger and violence and feel like it is their last resort.
a. Maxine Waters “all of this anger and despair was exacerbated by the excessive use of force by police departments, that the justice department has never ever used its power to do anything about excessive force in these cities.”(Smith 169)
b. “Anger and fear make a combustible mixture. More than 140 cities have exploded since Floyd’s death” (Glaude).
IV. Some citizens need to understand all the cons that the riots are causing other people.
a. Mrs. Young-Soon Han “They got their rights. By destroying innocent Korean merchants…” (Smith 247)
b. Anonymous man #2 “I don’t mean I deserve to get my house burned down…it was so heartbreaking, seeing those…the devastation that went on and people reduced to burning down their own neighborhoods.”(Smith 140-141)
c. “The rioting that followed will haunt the affected communities for years” (Verbruggen)
d. “It also fueled increasing public concern with racial profiling in the United States” (Alistair Cooke 106).
V. The best alternative to violence is love.
a. Rev. Tom Choi “It was just whatever love I had in my heart to share with people that proved to be good enough.”(Smith 203)
b. Tom Bradley “Let us not kill that effort by reacting with violence.” (Smith 86)
c. “you can see a person as a member of a particuMahdi Pournazari

African Americans want to solve this issue with anger and violence and feel like it is their last resort. Numerous times there have been racist white cops walking free from the law after committing injustices. At what point does the African American community say enough is enough and decide to take matters into their own hands? Eddie S. Glaude from Time Magazine says, “Anger and fear make a combustible mixture. More than 140 cities have exploded since Floyd’s death” (Glaude). This just goes to show how angry people all around America are. They are tired of seeing innocent people in their communities being brutally murdered. Furthermore, when the law doesn’t seem to protect civil rights, people decide to take matters into their own hands. So much anger has been built up from years and years of injustices and they have let it out. Congresswoman Maxine Waters says, “all of this anger and despair was exacerbated by the excessive use of force by the police departments, that the justice department has never ever used its power to do anything about excessive force in these cities”(Smith 169). When a congresswoman, a person who works in the government is saying this, it is a sign that there needs to be change. Anger is a very dangerous emotion, and when more and more injustices occur, it will only get worse.

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