· Read/ Textbook: Chapter 12
· Lesson
· Minimum of 5 scholarly sources (This includes the sources from the annotated bibliography. Additional sources may be included as appropriate.)

Return to the topic you chose in the week three assignment (Abortion). Articulate a specific dilemma in a situation faced by a particular person based on that topic. The situation can be real or fictional.
· Summarize the dilemma.
· Define any needed key terms associated with the dilemma.
· Analyze the conflicts or controversies involved in the dilemma.
Revise and rewrite based on any feedback you received in your previous draft week three (which I had no comments).

Final Paper. For constructing the paper, just follow the bullet points, answer the questions.
Include your research from the annotated bibliography in Week 5 and include all the parts in the in instruction.
Reference and discuss any professional code of ethics relevant to your topic such as the AMA code for doctors, the ANA code for nurses, etc. 
State whether and how your chosen topic involves any conflicts between professional and familial duties or conflicts between loyalty to self and loyalty to a community or nation.
What in your view is the most moral thing for that person to do in that dilemma? Why is that the most moral thing? Use moral values and logical reasoning to justify your answer
Next, apply the following:
· Aristotle’s Golden Mean to the dilemma
· Utilitarianism to the dilemma
· Natural Law ethics to the dilemma
Which of those three theories works best ethically speaking? Why that one?
Why do the other two not work or not work as well?
 Is it the same as what you said is the most moral thing earlier? Why or why not?
Use the 5 articles from your annotated bibliography to support your answers. (Additional academic scholarly research from the past 5 years can be included as well.) 
Include a reference page at the end of your paper in APA format that includes your bibliography with the annotations removed and any other sources used in your final paper.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

· Length: 4 full pages (not including title page or references page)
· 1-inch margins
· Double spaced
· 12-point Times New Roman font
· Title page
· References page (minimum of 5 scholarly sources)

ETHC445 Week 7 Assignment Rubric – 100 pts.




Assignment Content

60.0 pts
Addresses all aspects of the assignment applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.

51.0 pts
Addresses most aspects of the assignment applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.

45.0 pts
Addresses some aspects of the assignment applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.

36.0 pts
Minimally addresses the assignment, applying professional knowledge, and research regarding weekly concepts.

0.0 pts
No effort

60.0 pts

Professional Communication

15.0 pts



Ethical egoist vs. abortion.

Ethical egoism is vested on personal interests, therefore very selfish on matters that pertain to morality in the society where they view that all that favors their desires is right. Regarding abortion, the ethical egoist would consider it better if the person got the pregnancy and did not need it and feels comfortable that it will be right if abortion gets carried upon her. Therefore, the main reason for this aspect will be if the pregnancy owner did not need it, it will be appropriate to undertake the abortion (Nobis 2020). If the pregnancy was obtained when a person did not attain the desired age and got pregnant due to harassment such as rape, she is not ready to carry the pregnancy because of the period and circumstances under which conception took place, and then abortion will be carried out. The ethical egoist will view the right option as it fits the person who is doing it and will not regard the safety of her own life and the unborn life. If the lady wants an abortion on such grounds, it will be the best reason for abortion. The ethical egoist will take the side of carrying out an abortion. The justification upon abortion is that the desires of the person doing abortion get to achieve. The act will be ethical (Herring 2019). regardless that the other persons may be affected by the act, whether emotional or physical, they don’t care what matters is the desires of the person when they are met that is the joy, and that is what they regard as the best way to go.
The conflict between the self and the community exists because the ethical egoist supports the loss of life. Still, the community values life no matter how and what the circumstances it was obtained. Abortion in the city is viewed as killing, an immoral act that denies the unborn the right to live. My perspective on abortion is central to the ethical egoists since I give great value to life, and the best course of action is to accept and value the right of the unborn to live. Abortion should not be undertaken at all costs unless it is life-threatening.

Social contract ethicist vs. abortion

Social contract ethicists will keep on holding on what the law is vested on in terms of abortion. The reason is that the rules and agreements as a national position about abortion are illegal. Otherwise, the social ethicists will keep that value of life as stipulated in the laws (Muldoon 2016). The fear of the social ethicists’ consequences upon committing the offense against the national rules will be crucial among social ethicists. The social ethicists will take the side of the laws on what it spells following an abortion. If the statutes discourage abortion, then that will be the side of the social ethicists (Rachels, J. (2019). The justification held by the social ethicists is that all the agreements and laws require what they regard as the moral obligations they should follow. There isRunning Head: ABORTION ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY



Personal and communal ethics that determines the moral positions

Fetuses are human beings who are innocent and have done no wrong to deserve the decision to kill them. Therefore, it is very wrong to have them killed because it goes against them; they have no power to complain. For we who kill the fetuses, we could not permit to get killed for we love to live; therefore, non is justified to kill because we will be curtailing the life of a human being that is in the process of development to become full human beings (Greenwood, 2001). Tt becomes too immoral and inhuman when killing innocent creatures. Every person has a right to life. On the other hand, fetuses are human beings because that is the developmental stages of the human being; it then explains that the fetuses have the right to life, and abortions should not get done to terminate the life of the unborn (Marecek et al.,2017). Abortion is itself killing, and it is no moral obligation to have killed the fetus, for it got prohibited in the holy books. It is against the creator of life to terminate what he made, and we have no right to decide and kill the life that we did not create. These make the fact that the act is against the creator. On the personal factors, it is against the health of the mother carrying the fetus for the process of abortion may bring a lot of complications to the reproductive system of the mother and may affect the future situations of conception or have difficulties in maintaining the future pregnancies (Erdman, 2017). The community believes that the continuity of the generation for the future, there is a need to have young ones come and replace the aging generation; therefore, continuity will help determine the debate’s honest discussion in the community’s view. Unless the mother’s life gets threatened, for example, the fetus develops in the fallopian tube. It may make the mother’s life is a mess, and the community factor gets viewed as ensuring that energy gets preserved at best (McGraw-Hill Education Rachels & Rachels, 2019). Some community considers the situation at which the conception took place; for example, if the child got conceived when the mother got raped, then abortion should not get done because the fetus has no knowledge and the fetus is not evil.

Kantian ethics on abortion

In Kantian ethics, Kant believes that many of the crimes and actions such as murder, theft, and telling of lies are prohibited even when they bring happiness to the one doing them than when he could have done the alternative. Based on the action, if every individual will be happy to do the activity and every person will regard your story as good, it will be appropriate for you to do the action. If the step is not suitable for the public, stop doing it. Therefore, the practice of abortion is an act that you cannot just talk about it in public as a good act that people will be ha

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