Could u help me please?
Could u help me please?
~ 1 ~ GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE Information Technology Duration: 45 Minutes Read the following instructions carefully. 1. This test consists of 30 items. You will have 45 minutes to answer them. 2. Each item in this test has four suggested answers lettered a, b, c, d. Read each item you are about to answer and decide which is the best. 3. On the question paper, circle the letter that corresponds with the answer of your choice. 4. Fill in the required information on the lines below: Name: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Class: ______________ ~ 2 ~ GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 1. When a file is removed completely from a disk, the data is a) Deleted from the disk b) Read from the disk c) Saved to the disk d) Shared on the disk 2. Which of the following is TRUE for parity? a) Uses a different code for each symbol b) Is an error -checking system c) Represents data is digitized electronic pulses d) Is an example of continuous data 3. Which of the following is an example of a data type check? a) Ensuring that numbers are positive in a quantity ordered field b) Examining whether or not a field is the required type in a data field c) Requiring a user to enter his or her e -mail address twice d) Using Testing that only letters are entered in a name fie ld 4. Which of the following is detected by using a pressure sensor? a) Activity b) Light c) Warmth d) Weight 5. The first -generation programming language is called a) Assembly b) BASIC c) Machine d) N0n -procedural 6. Errors that result from NOT following rules of the programming language are called a) execution errors b) logic errors c) run -time errors d) syntax error 7. An example of a run -time error is a) If(Answer<10) then writeln(‘Yes’) b) While(Answer 12) Do write (‘Yes’) c) Repeat(write(‘Yes’)) until (Answer<10) d) Answer := answer/(10 -10) 8. At which stage of program development should desk checking be included? a) After the debugging phase b) During the design phase c) During the testing phase d) At every phase Items 9 -10 are based upon the following declaration in Pascal. Var Count: Integer; ~ 3 ~ GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE Price: Real; Discount: Integer; 9. The following is a fragment of code. Count := 3; Discount := 0; While (Discount < Count) Do Begin Write(‘*’); Count := Count – 1; End What is the output of the above fragment of code? a) ** b) *** c) **** d) There will be no output, because the code has an error. 10. The following is a fragment of code. For Discount := 10 to 12 Do Write(‘&&’) What is the output of the above fragment of code? a) && b) &&& c) &&&&&& d) Nothing will be printed. 11. In Pascal, the symbol < > means a) less than and greater than b) less than or greater than c) equal to d) not equal to 12. In Pascal, what does COUNT represent? a) An assignment b) A condition c) A declaration d) A variable 13. Assigning 3.14 to pi (π) means that pi should be declared as a) integer b) real c) string d) char 14. How many times will the following loop be executed? For mark : = 0 to 2 do Writeln(‘*’); a) 0 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 15. The function of a compiler is to convert a) program code line by line b) an entire program c) a program efficiently d) the language to source code 16. The LAST step in solving a program is to a) evaluate solutions b) test the solution c) develop the algorithm d) specify and design 17. The Pascal term used to see results on the printer or computer monitor is called a) input b) read c) write d) output Item 28 is based on the Pascal code below. ~ 4 ~ GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE For x := 1 to 5 do ITEM[x] := 0; 18. The purpose of the Pascal code is to a) Place x in ITEM b) Place 0 in ITEM c) Place 1 to 5 in x d) Place the number 1 to 5 in ITEM 19. Which of the following statements includes loops? a) Sequencing b) Repetition c) Selection d) Ordering 20. For the submission of your SBA report, you are required to include your name and the name of your school at the top of every page of your report. While o f the following would you use to achieve this? a) A footnote b) A page break c) A header d) A footer 21. Selecting or highlighting a paragraph creates a a) block b) document c) file d) merge 22. The first page that is usually displayed in a web browser is called a a) layout b) hyperlink c) website d) home page 23. What of the following activities is NOT involved in publishing a website? a) Uploading files b) Uploading images c) Creating a web page d) Using a web browser 24. Which of the following is NOT a use for hyperlinks? a) Linking to an email address b) Linking to a website c) Linking to another location within the web page d) Copying a file to a web server 25. What type of chart is NOT suitable for representing data over two years as shown in the table below? Country 2009 2010 A 300 600 B 500 800 C 500 600 a) Line chart b) Column chart c) Bar chart d) Pie chart ~ 5 ~ 26. Which of the following is NOT associated with the filtering or extraction of records in a spreadsheet? a) Copy to range b) List range c) Criteria d) Value range 27. The function that produces the position of a number or item in a sorted list is a) Sum b) Vlookup c) Rank d) Count 28. Producing information from queries and tables in a specific format that can be printing from a database is called a) a file b) an object c) a query d) a report 29. To join two database tables, EACH table must have a) at least two keys in the table b) the same c) data in both tables d) at least one common field name 30. A data type that represents Boolean values of True or False is called a) number b) text c) date d) logical ~ 6 ~ End of test

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